Oh Lovely Soul… I have been doing so much reflecting lately on the children in our lives. There is so much focus on business, society, and getting back to normal, but my mind thinks of the young, precious people who have been dealing with a strange world over the last months.

I am a blessed mom to this pure being, who amazes me and inspires me to live my life with all the positivity, intention, and inspiration in the world. Watching the innocence and strength of children creates a light in my soul that helps me in my life in Every. Single. Way.

At just 7 years-old, Willow is full of sunshine and radiates her power. While the last months have felt unfamiliar and uneasy in our world, our children walk through their lives with the lessons we teach them in their souls. My hope is to infuse Willow with openness, so she can take each day as a new adventure to be had… a new chance to explore the world… a new moment to embrace, rather than be overwhelmed by the uncertainty our world has experienced this year.

The most incredible part about children is not how we can shape them, but how they shape us. While I work every day to bring positivity into our lives, the light Willow infuses into our home is like nothing I could ever have imagined before meeting this wonderful soul.

Each child we encounter has something special and unique to share. They are so full of power and promise… if we open ourselves to their lessons, we will learn to be purer and more intentional in our own lives. One child may teach you to enjoy the quiet stillness of daydreaming on a sunny afternoon… another may teach you to stomp your feet in your powerful steps through this world… and yet another can show you how to align with the earth by giving in, being free, and getting your hands dirty.

Through the busyness that is our lives, take the time each chance you can, to kneel down and truly get face-to-face with a child. So often, we hover over them… even to give them a hug… where we are above them. If you kneel down… face-to-face… chest-to-chest… be equal with them… then, you can soak in their lessons, their power, their love. And let that infusion guide you to live your life with light.