Those who know me, know I look for connections. Connections between events, connections between feelings, and (of course) connections between people. Something I have been seeing so often lately is the connection between exhaustion and feelings of guilt. The people I am blessed to connect with are looking more tired than usual. They are feeling guilty… because if this pandemic has brought out a common feeling for so many of us, it’s that feeling of not being enough. While we are all in different boats, we are all navigating the same storm of this strange time. Parents are juggling working, kids learning at home, a higher level of stress, and just not having enough time or resources or energy to be everything.


I try to live my life in balance and believe that being open to receiving good energy, inspiration, and blessings is essential. But, I do have a practical side as well (imagine that!). My practical side knows that being open doesn’t mean not having to close some doors as well. I am talking about boundaries, which I know can feel impossible to impose at times.

In order to start to create space and freedom, we must first know what is most important to us and what fuels us to be more… boundaries are made from this awareness, and so is our freedom… especially our freedom from guilt.  You see, the freedom and fulfillment that you’ve been searching for (I know you are because EVERYONE is) in all the things, is found when you get clear about what is really most important in your life…

In a previous newsletter, I had asked my audience to make a list of the 3-5 things that are most important in their lives. In this video, I explain what my five “Most Importants” are and how I create freedom & fulfillment in my daily life by making sure I am intentional about each one of them.

Think about what your “Most Importants” are and how can you start to be intentional about creating boundaries around them.  When I start coaching clients, I quickly learn that they have flipped their lists and are now at the bottom, or only adhere to it on weekends or during holidays… only to never really feel powerful in their life. 

I know life is chaotic right now, but I want you to look at your schedule and build it with the intention of being fulfilled in what you do and for who… and then say NO to everything that doesn’t support or empower living like that vision.  

Living a life you love is on the other side of you stepping into your own power and making a commitment to yourself to live a life of freedom of fulfillment… in case you’ve never been told this:  You are THAT powerful Lovely Soul, and I’m cheering you on.