Heart Inspired Crystal Elixir Water Bottle


Enhance, infuse, and become with this gorgeous Crystal Quartz Glass Bottle.

For centuries crystal elixirs have been used for their powerful energetic healing properties.
Crystals, which are minerals that come from the Earth, hold a variety of energetic frequencies
that support us in managing + healing emotional, spiritual and sometimes physical challenges
that find their way to us. Each crystal has its own unique healing properties — some are best
suited for abundance and prosperity, while others are better for love, relationships and
harmony, or even protection and shielding.

This Clear Quartz Crystal Water Bottle, curated specifically to enhance, elevate and illuminate
the Inspired Heart within, will not only indirectly infuse your life with Clear Quartz energy, but
it will also infuse your water with the gorgeously illuminated energy of the crystal.
Known as "The Master Healer", Clear Quartz it is able to absorb, store and regulate the release
of energy - in essence, supporting one to manage feelings of overwhelm and stress.
Clear Quartz is known to be a ‘bringer of light’ and is an amplifier, meaning that whatever
positive intentions and frequencies you pour in to it, it will pour out tenfold…the perfect crystal
for an infusion water bottle 😉

Not all crystals are appropriate for immersion in water, however quartz crystals are completely
safe for use in water.

This 500ml Clear Quartz Water Bottle is made of stainless steel, glass and contains a clear
quartz tower crystal that is wired into the base, which is removeable and washable. The water
bottle also comes with a black neoprene sleeve which allows for a layer of protection.


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