Gratitude… yep, it means being thankful, you get that right?  But here’s my question for you… Do you, really?  Let me share with you the real reasons of why gratitude is not just about being thankful and how this easy daily practice can literally change your life and have you living every moment in gratitude.

Gratitude is not just about being thankful…it’s about creating & living your dream life.    

I’ve been practicing gratitude for much of my life, but when I say ‘practicing most of my life’, what i really mean is that I’ve been practicing it like my 5 year old practices her reading… only when it seems like it’s a good idea, when there is nothing else to do or when she’s told to.  Yep… it wasn’t a constant until 3 years ago.  And wowza’s things got a whole bunch more incredible when that consistency happened.  But what I will say is that I’ve always been a pretty grateful and thankful person in life.  Although I’ve not been intentional about being grateful, I have always said thank you to people who have helped me in life and have made sure that I actually meant it (hint, that will come up again later) 

So why gratitude?  And why make it a daily practice? 

As a visionary and someone who is constantly looking to create a lot of awesome in my life (and hacking all the ways to do so), I’ve really connected to the perspective of when you are grateful for the things you have in your life, then you will inevitably receive more.  Can you imagine asking for, working towards and dreaming about your dream vehicle, gorgeous house, new client or even a chocolate cake (I’m getting to the important stuff here people)… but then you don’t take care of your current 1980 Chevette (arguably a classic beauty, btw), never spend time enjoying your existing home, hardly appreciate the clients that have been with you for so long, or – and this is the real crime here – refuse a taste of the angel food cake that your mom brought you last week.  It’s like asking to be compensated for not doing any of the work.  If you can’t enjoy all the wonderful that you already have in your life today, how could you ever create the magic of new opportunities & experiences coming your way? 

And that, lovely, is why if you’re looking to live that magic filled life day after day, month after month, then my love filled suggestion is that you must practice gratitude every. single. day.  There is something so powerful about communicating to yourself every single day that you are thankful for everything you have right here & right now… that you are enough and your life is perfect, beautiful and filled with so so much already.  Doesn’t that just make your heart all warm & fuzzy? 

So… let’s do this.  When you start each day – and I recommend that you do this every morning as one of the first things after you slip on your moccasins and make your coffee.  Grab your journal, favourite pen and find a comfy spot.  This will literally take 5 minutes, truly… so don’t talk yourself out of it already. 

Today I am Grateful To Have…

On one page (it doesn’t have to be more than one unless you’re on a roll like me… I’m pretty chatty even in my gratitude, shocking, I know.)


Today I am grateful to have…. and in this space write the first thing that pops to mind.  Don’t second guess it, don’t think it’s ridiculous and don’t force it.  Just write down the first thing that pops to your mind.  Nature, coffee, sleep, pretty pj’s, my clients, my love, peace, chocolate cake… the list could go on, but I think you get it.  After you’ve filled in your item of gratitude, I want you to follow it with…   because… now, write why it is that you are thankful for that specific thing in your life.  It’s this last part that makes the difference.  Remember above when I said that I would tell people I was thankful for them and mean it? Well girl, this is your opportunity to ‘mean it’.  And really mean it by giving the things you’re grateful for life, energy and love for why it’s important to you.  Depending on your journal you may get 5-10 ‘gratitudes’ in each day… and even if it was just one, that would still be amazing.  Here is a picture from my own gratitude journal showing you exactly what my morning gratitude practice looks like. 

Yep, my hand writing is messy.  Yep, only I can read most of it (barely).  And yep, if you can read it, the grammar is questionable.  None of it’s perfect, but the most important thing is that it’s done, I felt amazing afterward, it made my heart happy that has infused an energy into my day that is begging for new opportunities, new adventures and new magic to find me.  And wonderful soul, you deserve the exact same in your life. 

So pick up that pen and start writing and watch how quickly you’ll start to welcome more awesome into your life.  I’ll even give you a little nudge…

Today I am thankful to have my life, because…  

I’d LOVE it if you could share below what you’re grateful for today… consider it the first step in communicating with the Universe that you’re taking your future seriously… and the Universe, she’s always listening.