Do you ever look around your work space and think that it’s no wonder that you don’t want to work, let alone be successful?  …yep, I know the feeling!  …not only was I paid for 10 years as an interior designer to help people work more effectively, but I literally just did my own overhaul on my home office.  I was in the funky place of working from my lap on the sofa or a little table at a coffee shop… that likely sounds like a dream to someone working corporate, but it’s not super conducive for a consistent or successful work flow.  So… here we are, and you’re in good hands.

A workspace that inspires doesn’t need to take a lot of time or energy, but a workspace that inspires can give time & energy back to your work day and your life …and it does that by making you feel more together at work… and well that business babe, is worth a million bucks.

First of all, figure out what is essential to have in your work space… you know, that stuff that you need to do your job?  For me these days, I only really need my favourite pen, a variety of journals, my computer and my phone.  Back in my design days though, it was stacks of files, catalogues of furniture and a tape measure or 8… oh ya and a pink hard hat.  I know… but don’t judge when it comes to safety, m’k?  Gather all the things that you HAVE to have.  Looking at those things, can you see a way of making them  ‘work together’, in style, colour or shape?  So, for instance… if said hard hat was pink and I changed up my file folders to be pink, there was some continuity and a little old fashion matchy matchy happening that made things make sense with one another.  Worst case scenario if all of your essentials are white, leave it as is – white is clean, chic and super minimal, which is very ‘in’ these days and let’s face it, way easy.

Now we want to group things that go together.  So catalogues would be stacked or the files would be lined up in a neat row.  Do this with your own personal work flow in mind.  Ask yourself questions like;  How do I work?  What is my process from the start of a project through to the end?  What direction feels best to have new items flow in to my space?  And which direction feels good to have them flow out when completed?  As an example, I have a system that new things that I’m working on are on my right.  When I’m working on them I pull them from the right, set them in front of me and I get to business.  Once I’ve completed the project, I move it to the left side of my desk to then be filed, passed along or managed in whichever way I need to move on from it.  Having a little bit of a system for where things go is always a simple way to keep a space clean, fresh and organized… and that makes for less mind clutter.  Cluttered space, cluttered mind.

Next, once you’ve found a way to coordinate the essentials, now go gather some things that inspire you.  This is the ‘oh you so fancy’ part you’ve been waiting for.  A bunch of favourite pens in a little container that maybe means something to you… mine happens to be white with gold accents of sacred geometry inspired shapes.  But yours could be a ‘thing’ your kiddo made in art class.  Remember this is YOUR inspired space, so find things that make YOUR heart happy.

Next, find yourself a little bit of nature to incorporate into your space.  I have no issues on whether it’s real of not, just something that brings the feeling of outside in.  It can be a succulent, a terrarium or even a sprig of pine, heck it can even be a twig.  But some nature always brings us back to our centre/alignment and it reminds us of true beauty.  So ya, sorry, it’s non negotiable.

If you’ve been following along with me in the last few years, you’ve picked up the importance of having a journal, or a couple, with you at all times.  Beautiful, inspiring pages to write your words of gratitude and self affirming notes about the life you are creating or wanting to create.  I recommend that you bring these babies with you everywhere you go so that you always have a spot to write yourself little love letters throughout the day.  And they should be a constant companion as is your cell phone within arm’s reach is.  And they look lovely stacked together, so there’s that.

In addition to stacks of journals, add to the mix a few of your most inspiring personal development books that even if you’re not reading them, their titles resonate and inspire you to do your very best work.

Lastly, incorporate your favourite mug with a yummy herbal tea, a precious picture of your family or pooch and then maybe, just maybe, a few files in order to actually do some work… I mean, you are working in order to accomplish something massive, meaningful and magical, am I right?

So, here’s to creating a space where you can do more, be more and create more of what inspires you in life… like the beautiful business babe that you are.  Whether you’re working for yourself or someone else, you are the boss of your life and how you contribute to the world is through the work you do.  When we elevate our work environment to inspire us on the daily, we elevate our vibrations, which in turn not only attracts more of what we want in life, but we also inspire others…and well, that creates the most beautiful ripple of contribution.

Please share below what your space for success looks like, or ask me any questions about any challenges you have in creating a space that inspires!  Once a designer, always a designer!!