Let me paint you a few pictures…. You’re exiting a door of a mall and you see a mom of 2 year old twins and a newborn with full hands struggling to get herself, and her littles organized enough to walk thru the doorway in a desperate attempt at single file… you take a moment and hold the door for her while she manages to make it work.  She thanks you profusely and abundantly… and how do you respond? 

…. No Worries.

You’re at the grocery store behind an elderly gentleman at the cash register.  As he walks away with his ‘meat and potato’ dinner makings, you see him drop his winter glove on the ground and keep walking.  You quickly call to him, ‘Excuse me Sir’, pick it up and run it to him.  He thanks you with the warmest of smiles and gratitude…. and how do you respond? 

…. No Worries.

Lastly, you’re called in to help a colleague or business partner with a project that she’s working on that will impact her team and her personal success immeasurably.  You’ve given a ton of ideas and strategy that has her so lit up and excited to create magic in her business that she is beyond thankful and quoting boss babe quotes left right & center in your honour…. and how do you respond? 

…. No Worries. 

Ugh.  I knew it… I knew that this would likely resonate with you, because I used to say it for years & years… and you know how similar minds think alike?  Well you’re here Boo, reading this article, so settle in and consider that some of your experiences are aligned with mine.  As I look back on the times that I said ‘No Worries’, I created specific results based on those 2 dang words.  And it doesn’t matter how you say them – in the most upbeat and uplifted version of yourself, or the most laid back and chill version… it’s still impacting how you are seeing your self and how other people are seeing you. 

I’m writing this on a flight back from Alberta and a couple days ago I had the experience of hearing someone say those 2 words to me while they served me a tasty Caesar.  She had been talking up and describing beautifully the hotel’s specialty Caesar, which has some fancy type of pepper in it and some olive juice that gave it a yummy flavour… she had me so convinced that this Caesar was like no other, that I’d be missing out if I didn’t experience it.  So I ordered it and it arrived, as Caesars many times do, with an abundance of accoutrements atop that would rival a chef’s salad.  Anyway, as I made a praiseful comment about it and thanked her, she said those 2 words ‘No Worries’.  Ugh.  Really?  My thoughts were – ‘But I wasn’t worried about you taking pride in creating this magnificent beverage, I actually really appreciate that you did’ and ‘I didn’t see your service as a fleeting moment that didn’t make an impact on me, it most certainly did – this Caesar is going to be amazing!’. 

Energetically with that phrase, there is an automatic diminishing of your efforts… which, I’m here to say that there should never be a diminishing of anything you do in life.  There is a massive lack of integrity between giving energy and effort for someone else, from a place of making a difference for them and then down playing it like it was nothing.  Beautiful girl, you are worthy of being appreciated and your work is worthy of being acknowledged.  Not as a side thought or a casual passing thank you… but a real and true contribution to someone.  This is your gentle but firm nudge that you need to receive the praise that you get and stand in that energy, don’t sluff it off and down play yourself. 

Phew… you clearly get that I’m pretty passionate about the words we use and things we say – especially No Worries, or even No Problem… it’s the key to standing in your worth.

If we can all agree, which I’m sure we will, that our words shape our life, then we get that words we speak set the stage on which our life plays out.  If we walked around saying all the negative words that came to mind (and maybe you do) you can imagine the experience you’d have…not awesome.  So likewise if you spoke only love filled words to yourself and others all day, every day in every single moment…profoundly incredible life in the making, right there.   

Our words create our reality, and so what reality are you creating?

Our words create our reality, and so what reality are you creating?  If you’re using the term ‘No Worries’, I’m suggesting, with abundant love & respect, that you could do better.  Not only does saying that little phrase energetically share the word ‘worry’ with the Universe, another person or yourself, but you’re also playing down your contribution to people, and why is that?  That is for you to figure out, or do what I do with my coaching clients – get to the bottom of the stories that hold us back and have us speaking & acting in ways that keep us small.  Once we uncover those, we can then create a new experience and language, based on the goals & life you want to experience.  But, regardless of ‘doing the work’, you can simply make a commitment today to stop saying those words and replace them with something else.  

So what else can you say in response to someone appreciating you?  Well, let’s start with simple first… what about ‘You’re so welcome’!  I know sunshine, it’s super obvious – but there is no need to say anything else.  Simplicity is the key to living from the heart with grace & ease…which is what so many of us are looking for.  But we already have the capability to live that way, if we just stopped complicating the things we think and say.  There is a beautiful saying – ‘The ego complicates, the soul is simple.’  Keep is simple and from the heart and you’ll always win.

A couple other ideas of what to say when responding to someone who is thanking or appreciating you… What about trying on ‘My pleasure!’ …I love this one because not only are you saying to the person that helping and serving them is a pleasure, but it’s such a beautifully positive word to say.  What does living with pleasure look like to you – probably pretty amazing, so start saying that word and watch how pleasurable your life becomes.  Lastly, and this one is literally from my mouth, as it’s what I replaced my ‘No Worries’ moments with…. ‘All Good’.  It’s simple and full of all the energetic goodness that you’re looking to not only communicate, but also feel and experience.  It can be used in a variety of situations and is super versatile.  If it seems like I’m selling the phrase, it’s because I am.  It’s a game and life changer.  

So, helpful soul, who is showing up for others with love and from a place of service – if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to change your daily living experience from ‘mah’, to ‘yeah’, change up those 2 words that you say all the time in response to the appreciation for your thoughtful actions that impact others, and watch how different your life experience becomes. 

Life truly is ‘All Good’.